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At SRAM we are passionate about cycling. We ride our bikes to work and around town. We ride our bikes in the peloton, on the trails and down the mountains. It's this passion and participation that leads to many of the innovations seen in our products SRAM PG 1070 Cassette Improve your shifting with a SRAM cassette.nbsp The SRAM PG 1070 cassette uses varying tooth profiling to provide consistently smooth shifting as well as an alloy carrier to keep the weight down The PG-1070 cassette's semi-spidered design maintains a high level of shifting performance with a matched cassette/chain combination that runs near silent. To help you in the toughest climbs, it is now available in the new 11-32 ratio SRAM's venerable XG-1190 cassette is back with a cosmetic face lift to match the company's updated Red branding and the new RED eTap system. Like the standard Red 22 model, the SRAM XG-1190-A2 Cassette features PowerdomeX construction and StealthRing elastomer to provide a precise and quiet shifting experience

This video takes a look at the new SRAM GX Eagle cassette to include how it fits on the freehub body The SRAM PG-1070 Cassette, unlike many competitors' cassettes at this level, is made completely from steel cogs. SRAM's design wizards, however, have managed to keep the weight of the PG-1070 at just 220 grams, without resorting to Ti cogs at the larger end of the cassette, which wear faster than steel, and contribute to faster overall drivetrain wear

SRAM's RED X-Glide cassette is the most advanced cassette ever made. The eight cogs in the middle are machined from a single block of high grade tool steel, increasing stiffness while weighing even le.. Here is my story with this product. I love SRAM products. However, I purchased this cassette along with a SRAM PG 950 9 Speed chain. I have SRAM x-7 shifters, and X-7 Derailleurs. I put everything on the bike, and the chain kept skipping. I realized that it was skipping on the highest (smallest) cog Dieses Video zeigt dir die Montage und das Setup des SRAM Eagle™ Antriebs-System

This SRAM X01 Eagle XG-1295 is the correct cassette for MTB bikes on the new SRAM XX1 Eagle and X01 Eagle 12-speed series components. (XD Driver Hub) It is only compatible with 12-speed chains like the SRAM XX1 Eagle 12-Speed Chain The SRAM XG-1295 X01 Eagle 12-Speed Cassette may not feature the bright, golden, Ti-Nitride-coated bling of its more expensive XX1 counterpart, but it boasts all the engineering ingenuity that brings. SRAM X01 XG 1195 Cassette The SRAM XG 1195 is an 11 speed cassette that features a gear range of 1042 teeth. A one by eleven speed drivetrain provides the rider with unbelievable freedom. The gear ranging ensures that each step is even

Sram XX 11-36t Race Cassette 10 Speed Hollow Aluminum XG1099 CX Cyclocross. Condition is as shown in the pictures , please see them. the cassette was tested and proven fully functional with no major i.. Rear derailleurs made by Shimano have a different cage step when shifting compared to SRAM rear mechs, so shifting may be not as smooth as if you would use Shimano. A solution would be to use 11-speed SRAM shifter, otherwise we would recommend using a fully Shimano-compatible cassette which is available for order her Learn how to switch your mountain bike cassette. SRAM XD Drivers are different from the Shimano MTB cassettes that you might be familiar with. Neil has everything you need to know about removing. Hvem er Sram? Sram er som beskrevet under producentinfo en meget dygtig og seriøs producent af cykeludstyr til flere former for cykler. Sram blev i sin tid kendte for deres helt specielle drejegreb til mtb og citybikes, hvor man kunne skifte gear ved at dreje bremsegrebet i stedet for at skifte på en udløser, som det hidtil kun havde været set

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SRAM XG-1150 Cassette is Srams latest release for their 11spd mountain drivetrains and sports the same XD driver body and 10-42t range as the premium models... but the GX groups XG-1150 Cassette comes at a much more affordable price Kann die negative Bewertung nicht bestätigen. Ich fahre die Kassette mit SRAM XX1 Komponenten. Perfekte Funktion! Der Preis der Kassette ist zwar recht hoch, man bekommt aber eine der leichtesten 11-fach Kassetten mit perfekter Schaltperformance. Wenn einen die Kassette zu teuer ist, der muss sich in einer der unteren Gruppen bedienen Right before the holidays, we highlighted the release of a new wide-range 11-36 SRAM 1170 cassette aimed at the CX1 racers looking for a lower gear for hilly courses or the long grinding climbs often found in gravel grinder races. We've now got one on hand for review, and as part of our ramp-up on.

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  1. SRAM NX - START WITH ONE It's how you start that matters. Whether you're discovering the mountain for the first time or you're an MTB lifer searching for a no-nonsense, no-worries 1x drivetrain, SRAM NX is ready for action and ready to take you there
  2. Kassette sampak 10 speed SRAM PG-1020 11-36T - kæde SRAM PC-1031 00.2418.049.000 allbike pris: 360,00 DKK Vejl. pris: 510,00 DK
  3. Denne 11 speed kassette fra Sram er en semi-spidered kassette, der er fremstillet i varmebehandlet stål. Kassetten er semi-spidered, fordi de tre største tandhjul er nittet sammen på spideren, og denn... Sram | Varenummer: 00241804200

The SRAM XG-1150 11-Speed Cassette utilises SRAM's Full Pin™ technology, which uses eleven lightweight, stamped steel cogs that are held together with 123 high-strength stainless steel pins. This results in a lightweight, durable 11-speed cassette that's equipped with SRAM's super wide 10-42T gear range - a perfect fit for any MTB ride SRAM XG795 X01 DH 7 Speed Cassette The SRAM XG795 MiniBlock XDome 7speed cassette is engineered for the optimized gear steps that downhill riders need. The 1024t gearing moves in 2 tooth steps eliminating the need for multiple shifts to reach the gear you want and reducing overall bulk and weight making it one of the lightest cassettes available Buy your Sram PG-1050 10 Speed Cassette at Merlin. Lowest Prices on all the Top Cycling Brands. FREE worldwide delivery available on most items Replacing the Scout's stock (SRAM) 11-36t cassette with the wide-range MX3 required only a quick adjustment of rear derailleur's b-tension screw. Having used Shimano and SRAM cassettes exclusively for as long as I can remember, I was initially concerned that the SunRace unit wouldn't offer the same level of performance SRAM GX Eagle XG-1275 12-Speed MTB Cassette . The SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain is designed to function anywhere and SRAM GX Eagle XG-1275 wide range cassette will provide you with the correct gear ratio no matter what your riding situation may be

Cassettes, Freewheels & Cogs-SRAM Kassette XG-1150 10-42T XD 11-fach 11s Zahnkranz oplvya3076-outlet on sale - www.liveheatherridge.co Compatible only with SRAM PG-1130 11 speed NX cassettes and SunRace 11-speed 11-42 cassettes listed on the GC tech page NOT compatible with any SRAM cassettes using the XD driver (10 tooth small cog). Compatible with all 11-speed chains; Note that you likely need a longer chain than you currently have your bike

Our all-new TRS+ Cassette offers impressive Eagle-beating range, an unbeatable value at $250, and crisp shifting performance on both SRAM and Shimano drivetrains. Using a unique two-piece assembly and our exclusive 9t cog, the TRS+ cassette offers a massive 9-46 tooth range, which means you can clean steeper climbs, and then blast the descents The XG-1175 delivers SRAM's trusted 11-speed wide range cassette design for an affordable price. 10 to 42 teeth gear ratio feat. a lightweight aluminium 42t cog. Only compatible with the XD DRIVER BODY SRAM 9-Speed PowerGlide II (PG-950) Using our unique ranking algorithm, we've selected the best products based on member reviews, the number of members who own or wish they owned the item, and how many reviews have been posted The Shimano wheel shifted perfectly with the SRAM Red 22 shifter and derailleur. This gives the consumer a wider variety of choices in cassettes, so if someone wants to use the wonderfully light sculpted work-of-art SRAM 11 speed cassette on their Shimano-equipped bike (or vice versa with the quiet Dura Ace 9000), no problem

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Sram PG-1050 10 speed kassette til både Sram og Shimano komponenter. Sram har fremstillet denne 11-28 tands kassette i varmebehandlet stål, hvilket også er det materiale, der er anvendt i Sram's dyre Sram | Varenummer: 002418034002 Produktblad: Download PD SRAM 11-speed Cassette XG-1150 10-42T FULL PIN™ technology uses eleven lightweight, stamped steel cogs held together with 123 high-strength stainless steel pins. The result: a cassette that's light, durable and equipped with SRAM's super wide 10-42 gear range that's a perfect fit for any ride The OP is correct that the Sram gear ratios are more appealing than the Shimano on the 11x28. The Shimano lacks the 16th cog. Between Dura Ace and Sram XDome I find the XDome to be quieter. The elastomer rings on the XDome work very well. Shift quality is identical. I can't figure out why some is having trouble running 9150 and Sram XDome Ring på 9152 6098 eller mail allbikeshop(@)gmail.com, hvis du har spørgsmål eller der er varer du ikke kan finde på hjemmesiden SRAM PG 1070 10-speed cassette at ROSE Bikes. ★ Individual service ★ Fast delivery ★ Over 110 years of tradition. See for yourself

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No, no, no! The SRAM Force CX1 rear derailleur is can only handle a 32-tooth cassette, at least according to the specs. Anyway, I'm excited about this because now we there is 11-speed 11-36 for road use, like there was with 10-speed SRAM. > A stage already set by Shimano's 11-40 which is much more useful for mountain biking SRAM is the innovation machine among bicycle component manufacturers, especially when it comes to drivetrains. On our SRAM page you will find top-selling products from 1x11-speed and 1x12-speed drive trains as well as SRAM groupsets like GX, XX1 or XX01 Just wanted to report back that we have now tested it and a Sram 1x12 derailleur indeed works with a 11speed sunrace 11-50 cassette and Sram 11 speed shifter. Sram kept the derailleur ratio with its 12 speed groups and is working with lesser cable pull in the 12 speed shifter

Stort udvalg af kassetter. Køb din næste kassette fra SRAM, Shimano eller Campagnolo, så er du garanteret kvalitetet. Vi har kassetterne til alle speed SRAM kassette og kæde10 speed for MTB Passer til SRAM og Shimano 10 speed Kassette SRAM PC 1070 Gearing 11-13-15-17-19-22-25-28-32-36T Kæde SRAM PC 1051 114 led.

Cassettes,Freewheels & Cogs-SRAM PG-1050 10-fach Kassette (11-32 Zähne) osiqtg3359-very popular - www.jacobzoller.co Sram PG 990 Cassette, 2006 with Red Alloy Spider The Sram PG 990 cassette is heavier than the Shimano XT model and Sram's top of the line mountain bike cassette. The Sram PG 990 can be found for about $100. The Sram PG990 with the red spider is a nice looking cassette and definately will add some color to the bike SRAM XG 1150 vs SRAM XG 1180 Cassettes in All Mountain, Enduro & Cross-Country. I have to say Sram make good stuff but their prices are crazy for the higher end stuff, i brought a spare. SRAM PG1170 11 Speed Road Cassette. SRAM's 1170 11-Speed Cassette is constructed of light, durable materials and features SRAM's PowerGlide tooth profiles and shift ramps for high shifting performance with a quieter chain/cassette combination

SRAM PG 1050 10-speed cassette at ROSE Bikes. ★ Individual service ★ Fast delivery ★ Over 110 years of tradition. See for yourself Edco Monoblock 11 Speed Cassette Shimano / Sram. This is an innovative, newly designed cassette that can be used on both 10 and 11-speed freehub bodies. As the cassette is all one piece, the end of the cassette can be extended from the freehub Buy Bike Parts products online at Bike-Discount Bike Shop: Bike Bike Parts Mountain Bike Parts Cassettes Top Quality - Fast Delivery Affordable versions of SRAM's 11-speed cassette range. Shift performance is on par with higher end offerings with minimal additional weight. SRAM 10 and 11 speed cassettes with 11 tooth cogs have the smallest cog located behind the cassette in the packaging Easily modify mountain or adventure road bikes to 1x11 wide-range gearing Equally effective for 2 x 11 drive trains No special hub or.

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Cassettes, Freewheels & Cogs-SRAM Kassette PG-1130 11-42T Zahnkranz 11-fach nnpcru3075-10 days return - www.liveheatherridge.co SRAM GX Eagle cartridge 12-speed pin Full Pin XG-1275 10-50 teeth black With the GX Eagle SRAM offers a 1x12 group with a broad translation at a low price. It adopts numerous technologies of the revolutionary SRAM XX1 Eagle Top Group and ensures a high performance and durability with perfectly matched switching components in all conditions One of the things I liked about the SRAM 11 speed was the 10 tooth sprocket which meant you could use a smaller chain ring for climbing (with the 42 tooth rear) but still have a decent top gear. Shimano xt m8000 with Sram 10-42 in Mechanics' Lounge. Posted: Jul 20, 2015 at 8:39 Quote: Oh nice, thank you very much Ploutre! Yeah I kind of told myself I would put an xt cassette too, when.

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  1. Kassettehylster (eller body / bodyen / hylster, som det også kaldes) Er den del der sidder på navet og skal passe til kassetten (uddybes længere nede i guiden). Ved både kassette og kassettehylster er der forskel på Campagnolo´s og Shimano/SRAM´s system og guiden her passer derfor kun med sidstnævnte
  2. Kassette, SRAM, Ny kassette fra SRAM 1130, 11-36, 11 speed. Ny pris over 600 kr. Kan sendes når fragten deles
  3. Harris Cyclery stocks some SRAM cassettes, where they fill gaps in Shimano's offerings. The links to technical specs are to the Internet Archive. SRAM may no longer stock replacement parts. SRAM 2008 technical specs listing 9-speed cassettes (see page 34 ff.) SRAM 2006 technical specs listing 9-speed cassettes (see pages 28-29)
  4. SRAM XG-1275 Eagle Kassette. ab 129,95 € 3 Anbieter. SRAM XG-1190 11-28 Kassette. ab 234,95 € 4 Anbieter. SRAM XG-1190 11-25 Kassette. ab 231,80 € 5 Anbieter. SRAM XG-1190 11-26 Kassette. ab 236,40 € 5 Anbieter. SRAM XG-1190 11-30 Kassette. ab 234,95 € 2 Anbieter. SRAM XG-1190 11-32 Kassette. ab 234,95 € 3 Anbieter. SRAM XG-899 11.

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  1. Posted on SRAM FH CASS SRAM XG1199 10-42 11s XX1 XG-1199 by Cassetta pignoni red 22 xg-1190 x-dome 11v 11-26 M00.2418.067.001 SRAM cassetta Posted in Campagnolo Record Titanium Kassette cassette 8 fach 12 21 Tagged SRAM NX Eagle 12 speed MTB Boost Groupset Build Kit 175mm DUB Crankset 11-50t, CAMPAGNOLO CASSETTE CAMP RECORD 11V 11 25 03-50463.
  2. kassette huset på din home trainer skal kunne tage en 11 speed Shimano/Sram kassette. du køber så en 9 speed shimano Sora kassette og en 10 speed Tiagra kassette og skiller dem ad så du får løse tandhjul og afstandsskiver. dem kombinerer du så på følgende måde: Shimano 9 speed klinger er 1.78 mm brede. 9 speed spacere er 2.56 bred
  3. SRAM PG-1030 Kassette fach silver 11-26 11-32 11-36 10 11-28 naeejf42752-Cassettes, Freewheels & Cogs TOPRIDER Single Bike Narrow Wide Chainring 104mm 30T 9 10 11 Speed. Ethirteen Direct Mount M Profile 10 11-speed Forged Guide Ring 38t Narrow; North Shore Billet Variabile Denti Guarnitura 28t x 94mm Bcd per Sram X01 Crank
  4. SRAM Kassette 11-32T, 10-fach Zahnkranz PG-1070, oofgpk3628-Cassettes,Freewheels & Cogs. 11-34 Kassette 11 fach - Zahnkranz für Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 9070 DI2 gold

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  1. I'm about to do a ride with a 5 mile 5% to 7% climb. That's tough for me at 64. I've been told that I can replace my Shimano 11-28 cassette with a Sram 11-34. All that is required is to back the B screw out to allow the derailluer to clear the 34. Sounds reasonable to me, but I would like to hear from some one who has used this combo
  2. Cykelgear.dk : Kassette og kæde sampak - Reservedele Cykler Cykelhjul Tilbehør Stel Værktøj Cykeltøj 0 kr Restsalg cykler, cykeltøj, cykelhjul, cykelreservedele, cykelstel, stel, shiman
  3. the spacing might be different but next time I'm in a shop I'll ask, if Marchisio cassettes don't work then putting a 12-28 cassette on and limiting it to the 14 isn't that big of a deal, it's too bad shimano doesn't make 11s junior cassettes, there is a market for it, all the juniors I race with seem to be on ultegra and looking to upgrade to 6800 with a few already on red/force 22, hopefully.
  4. SRAM NX Eagle cassette 12-speed PG-1230 11-50 teeth black With the NX Eagle, SRAM presents a reasonably priced entry to its carefree 12-speed drives. The 455% transmission range covers all intended use from the level to the high mountains, without having to accept the extra weight and lower shifting performance of a derailleur
  5. I can't find anything on SRAM's website, and no luck on forums or Youtube either. I have the X01 cassette, and a Hope Pro 2 Evo hub with XD driver body. It looks like it should simply thread on, but once I slide the cassette on far enough for the threads to engage, the short splines at the end of the driver body are also engaged, preventing.
  6. Buy your SRAM XX1 eagle cassette XG-1299 10-50 T. 12-speed gold online from starbike.com! German Quality Fair Prices Large Stock 100+ Brand
  7. They offer SRAM 10 speed Gripshifters for sale that are labeled as modified to work with either 9 speed SRAM or 9 speed Shimano rear derailleurs, but still offering 10 speed shifting. In the video a 10 speed Gripshift shifts a 10 speed XTR rear derailleur with a 10 speed SRAM cassette and XX crank

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  1. Shop the latest range of 11 Speed delivered free to the UK mainland*, covered by our Tredz Price Match promise & hassle free 365 day returns. 0% APR finance is available on all baskets over £99
  2. SunRace develops and produces bicycle drivetrain and brake components. SunRace products are speicified by the world's leading bicycle manufacturers and are also used extensively in the aftermarket
  3. SRAM Red eTap will work perfectly well with a Shimano crankset and cassette, so you could possibly make the massive jump from running the latest version of Shimano 105 to full wireless SRAM Red eTap for only a little more than a grand.----
  4. Model Year 2013 3x10 / 2x10 / 1x10 MTB Drivetrain Compatibility GEN.0000000004184 Rev A ∙ www.sram.com ∙ © SRAM LLC 2012 Crankset ( ) Gearing Model Bottom.

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